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We are team of talented software engineers and designers that are the name behind many POS software systems that you may already be using. Need a POS License...

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A Software Design and Engineering Team

Abstract Services are a small group of highly skilled developers with over 30+ years' experience in small business systems. As a background development company, we are the people behind the many small business systems used today and POS brands. Designed and developed in Australia for the Australian business culture. Our technology started with core business tools such as POS and CRM Systems. Why choose us?

  • Over 30 Years Experience.
  • Communicate directly with the team that developes the software.
  • Local developement means local knowledge and practises.

We have taken our experience and expertise one step further in building green solutions in developing the technology around the hydrogen and solar sphere. In any technological advancement your software investment is essential to your success. When you invest in technology, its best to "Invest in experience".

Contact us today for a free remote demonstration of our POS software solution with more features you will ever need to run your business.


POS Experience

Over 30 Years experience in the POS Retail Sector. When investing in your business, invest in experience.


Direct with the Developers

When guidence is needed for a specific answer, communicate direct with the technology behind the names.


Locally Designed

Locally engineered and designed with local knowledge and practises for local Australian businesses.



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POS License

Need to Renew a POS License? Click on here and tell us details of what you need.

Need Help with Menu's/Items

Prices start from $6.50 per Button/Item combination. Pay for just the work you need.

Technical Support

Something doesnt seem to be working right. Get in touch with our technical team.

New POS System

Looking for a new POS system or something more for your current system, click here!

Do it yourself Video's

Comfortable and brave enough to make changes yourself. Watch our simple video tutorials.

Need Paper

Need Paper or any additional peripherals for your existing POS System, Order Here!

Need Some Advice?

Choosing a POS System today is a minefield and sometimes you just want to exxplain your needs to a real person that actually understands how to run a business. If you need some clarity, simply..

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Most Popular License, Pay For 12 Months get 3 Months Free (equivalent to 25% Discount)

3 Months License

$49 / month

(Total: $147.00)

  • Discount
  • Primary POS License
  • Back Office License (included)
  • Technical Support

7 months License

$41.65 / month

(Total: $291.55)

  • 15% Discount
  • Primary POS License
  • Back Office License
  • Technical Support


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